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Colorado, March 2011

T12 Fluorescent Rebates to be Phased Out in 2012
Bonus Rebates up to 50% Now Available for Select T12 upgrades

As you likely know, due to 2009 U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Regulations, nearly all inefficient T12 fluorescent lighting will be phased out in 2012 and will no longer be available.

To assist your customers with this significant change, we have announced limited-time bonus rebates for T12 - T8 retrofit, T12 - T8 delamping and T12 - T5 retrofit measures.

Beginning March 8, 2011 through December 31, 2011, all Xcel Energy Colorado electric business customers are eligible for up to a 50 percent bonus rebate - above and beyond current rebate levels - for these select T12 upgrades*. Rebates can not exceed 75 percent of cost.

Current Rebate Levels(per retrofitted fixture)

New 50% Bonus Rebate Levels*(per retrofitted fixture)
$13.00 - $26.00
$19.50 - $39.00

Now is the Time to Encourage Your Customers to Upgrade Their Inefficient T12 Lighting
Our bonus rebates will be available for a limited time only. The 50 percent bonus rebates will be available from March 8, 2011 through December 31, 2011. So now is the time for your customers to act to maximize their rebate potential. Xcel Energy anticipates that rebates for T12 upgrades will not be available after December 31, 2012.

Bonus rebates for these select T12 upgrades* also are available through our Small Business Lighting program for business customers with peak demand of 400 kW or less. Please contact Franklin Energy, our Small Business Lighting consultant, at 303-297-3410 to schedule a free lighting audit, or for more information.

If you have any questions about this promotion or the T12 lighting regulations, please contact our Business Solutions Center at 1-800-481-4700 or . One of our energy efficiency specialists would be happy to discuss these or any other Lighting Efficiency program details with you.

If you have additional questions, contact Derek Shockley, trade relations manager, at 303-294-2082 or

*For T12 - T8 retrofit, T12 - T8 delamping and T12 - T5 retrofit measures only. Rebates subject to fixture wattage and other variables. All other eligible lighting rebate levels remain unchanged.

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the Announcement. 
Lighting efficiently: 

It's more important than ever if we want to reduce our carbon footprint.   As it provides fairly high financial returns with low risk.  Lighting is particularly compelling as the technology and distribution channels are 100 years old and slow to want to make any meaningful changes to their proven cash cow sales and distrubution system.  

Lighting is particularly compelling because there have been significant technological advances.  Some of these advances are biological in that we now know that there are 3 photoreceptors systems in the eye,  Photopic, Scotopic and Cirtopic.   Much of our lighting technology is based on the Yellow Sodium D line and photopic only considerations.   That daylighting is healther and more productive than cool white or even warm white fluorescent light seems natural.  That pupil response might be controlled with scotopic light, and visual acquity might be improved.  Or that Melatonin suppression and Circadian rhythms might be affected by the presence or absense of blue and white wavelengths.  This promises to change everything.   So indeed, what color light and what light sources provides the right light for the least energy.  

There are Rebates, ARRA stimulus Funds, Grants, low interest loans and even EPAct 2005 Tax incentives.  Together these all conspire to lower the up front net investment required to secure significant net positive cash flows from lower utility bills.   Lower costs mean more money to spend on other uses.   We can make a profit from wasting less.    Typical payback in Boulder, Colorado is 1 to 2 years with 10 cent kilowatts.    But not so fast.  There are also Utility peak demand rate and ratchet adjustment schemes which add demand charges and fees and taxes to the actual usage.  All this conspires to delay the savings  even thought the usage drops significantly. 

We like to work directly for the client that pays the utility bills.  Perhaps that is an artifact from being a hired IT consultant for so many years,..  but it eliminates several conficts of interest.  If I worked for the supply house, they I got to sell you what we have in stock first and I really cant recommend a brand that is not one of the brands we sell.  If I worked for the LED company, then it's my led or ....  I prefer vendor neutrality.  Or lets get a handle on the opportunities.  lets put together a plan.  verify rebates, select products and vendors, install a rapid prototype, then implement the plan.  We act as the Systems Integrator or the Value Added reseller.  We like to use only the top lighting products in each category.  This does not necessarily mean lowest mercury or most expensive.  Currently the most light per watt for the lowest lifecycle costs are Linear Fluorescent both 4th generation T8s and T5s at  approximately 100 lumens per watt.    LEDS, PLASMA, and ESL techologies are all likely competitors as they reach that 100 Lpw mark.  

What will tomorrows lighting technolgy bring  Plasma, Electron Stimulated Luminescence, Organic LEDs.    Our Retrofit Designs default to Spectrally Enhanced and Task-Ambient lighting.  We like direct indirect.  We like simple controls.   You can't save more than off.   We specify only CEE listed or NEMA Premium components  For LED's it needs to have >50 lpw... with a Lighting Facts and Energy Star Logo.  It if doesn't at least meet these minimum performance criteria,  it's not yet ready for prime time.   We default to GE components, but we can also work with Osram Sylvania or Philips or even TCP where required or where the technology is better cheaper faster and more reliable.  

    Steve Heising

    Lighting Redesign, Retrofits, Rebates and Results. 
    BS Biology, MBA, CLEP.  

    Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional by the Association of Energy Engineers.  

    8 Years in Venture Capital Funded Biological Pest control commercializing three novel Biological Pest Control agents.

    25 Years as a Business Automation and IT Consultant. 
    Northern Tool and Equipment, Positive Promotions, Laramie County School District. TeleGreet, WaterPik Technologies,  Rebound, Locke Roofavers, Denver Industrial Pumps. 

    Lighting Efficiency.  Blue Mountain Arts, UNAVCO, NEON, UMC CU, Boulder Community Hospital, Richard Blumenthal, Rocky Mountain Harley-Davidson

    Member Boulder Green Building Guild, Xcel Energy Lighting Efficiency Trade Advisory Board.


    March 2011



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